Contributing Factors to Accidents and Vehicle Loss

The same factors that contribute to motor vehicle accidents, loss of life and personal injury also threatens the financial and insurable interest of vehicle owners and car insurance companies. We would like to focus briefly on these factors and examples of how we share informative aspects with readers on the car insurance blog.
Human Factors
These include:
• Disregard: red traffic light / stop sign / yield sign
• Fatigue / Driver fell asleep
• Followed too closely
• Hit-and-run
• Intoxicated Driver
• Intoxicated Pedestrian
• Overtook when unlawful / unsafe
• Pedestrian: Jay walking
• Reversing
• Speed too high for circumstances
• Turn in front of oncoming traffic
• U-turn
Vehicle owners have been advised on these human factors through examples [3] such as:
•Drunk driving, how much is too much to drink?
•Avoid car insurance claims from driver drowsiness accidents
•Avoid car accident claims from crashing into pedestrians
Vehicle Factors• Bicycle: No head lamp
• Bicycle: No rear reflectors
• Brakes: Faulty
• Lights: Faulty, not switched on, blinding, etc
• Overloading: Cargo / Passengers
• Steering: Faulty
• Tyres: Burst prior to crash
Vehicle owners have been advised on these vehicle factors through examples [3] such as:
•Can a few shocks be beneficial to my car insurance?
•Save on car insurance but not on tyres
•Do not expect your car insurer to pay if you overload the vehicle!
Road Factors• Animals: Stray / Wild
• Blind rise / Corner
• Narrow road lane
• Poor condition of road surface
• Poor street lighting
• Poor visibility (Rain, mist, dust, smoke, dawn, dusk)
• Road surface slippery / wet
• Road works
• Sharp bend
• Traffic light / Road sign / Road marking defective
Vehicle owners have been advised on the threats presented by road factors through examples [3] such as:
•Can I claim for pothole damage?
•Collisions with animals…even if you win you still lose!!
•Tread carefully in summer rains to avoid accident claims.
In South Africa the road users are threatened by the behaviour of criminals next to and on the roads. To be safe on the road, they need to be alert to the dangers of vehicle related crimes such as Hijacking, theft and smash-and –grabs. On the Car insurance blog we create awareness of these threats through blogs posts such as:
•Cross-border vehicle theft makes car insurance a necessity in South Africa
•How to avoid being hijacked
•Layered vehicle security needed for affordable car insurance
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